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Add your two cents

If you haven’t checked out lately, you’re missing out on some talented musicians in the affiliate marketing world. Jeremy ran a theme song contest last week for his Shoemoney System and all the contributions are in.

He’s asking for some feedback on which ones you like. You can go to his blog post here to check them out.

How do you like your Pho?

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Pho is one of our favorite things to go eat at GetAds. Since Beau is new here and hasn’t experience Pho yet, we decided to go yesterday.

If you aren’t familiar, Pho s a Vietnamese beef and noodle soup. The soup includes noodles made from rice and is often served with basil, lime, bean sprouts and peppers that are added to the soup by the consumer.

Since you add the toppings yourself, the combinations are endless. Below are a few of the GetAds crew favorites.

George: I like a number ten it has the noodles and beef and steak fire hot with jalape

GetAds welcomes Beau Hadwiger

Something about you (what you like etc):

I am a fairly typical guy, in that I like watching and participating in sports. In the winter I enjoy spending time in Vail snowboarding and in the summer I enjoy wakeboarding, preferably in Lake Powell. I also enjoy lounging on the couch, working out, and I rarely turn down an opportunity to hang out with friends. Friends and family are very important to me, at the top of that list are my wife Michelle, my dog Otis, and my baby girl Sawyer who is due in June.

Experience in the industry (years in

Happy Spring

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a happy Spring!

In case you aren’t in the spring time mood yet, here is a picture from my ride home today:

So, if that image doesn’t make you shout spring – I wouldn’t recommend moving to Colorado.

Until next time, drive safe and stay warm!

What’s your Deposit? – A Breakdown of CPV networks

A surge in contextual marketing has many of our affiliates asking questions about which cpv networks to try out. Since it’s our goal to be a resource for you, GetAds called some of the top cpv networks in the industry for some general information including minimum deposits. Networks are in alphabetical order.

The following break downs are from phone interviews with the contact person listed. Please feel free to contact them if you have further questions or would like to learn more.

AdOn Network

Contact: Tyler Eeds,

Minimum Deposit: $20 minimum, $250 recommended for adequate campaign testing

Why Try AdOn: You are assigned an account rep at any deposit level upon request. AdOn offers detailed tracking and optimizes based on what works best for you. With RON traffic (starting at $3 cpm) your adds will run off the places best converting for you.

You are able to break out by subid’s and optimize your campaigns. As well as, a partner parameter tracking feature that allows for more conversion information than a simple pixel can offer.

International traffic is available.

AdOn offers traffic caps as low as $25.

Direct CPV

Contact: Brett Rothenberg,

Minimum Deposit: $100

Promo Code: $25 bonus on top of your minimum deposit – BR25

Why Try Direct CPV: Direct CPV offers full page interstitial ads. They have international traffic and are seeing great results from Italy and Spain. They allow Spanish Landers as well.

Direct CPV has just added Saturday/ Weekend support as well.

Minimum bids are $0.01 and bid increments are in tenths of pennys.

Lead Impact


Minimum Deposit: $200

Why Try Lead Impact: LeadImpact

GetAds going ballistic for March Madness

GetAds wants to hear which team you think will take the NCAA Championship. Five teams have been selected to go on the poll in our sidebar.

They are:

Kansas (a personal favorite of Mike Guida)



West Virginia


Vote for your favorite on the poll in our sidebar.

If we didn’t include your team, leave it in the comments to cheer them on!

*** Update, we had to take out Kansas :(