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From Nightlife to the Affiliate Life

I have always thought of myself as a people person. Being a Psych major, I have always enjoyed talking to people, listening to their problems and figuring out ways to help them out. In fact, my mother just recently informed me she found an old report card of mine from elementary school that stated I was a great student but a little too chatty and a bit bossy. She also showed me an English project I did at 15 where I predicted my future. I wrote that by the time I was 25 I would be happily married and in management.

Now at 26, I am nowhere near marriage but am right in the fact that I have been in management for several years now. A majority of my years have been spent working in the nightlife industry. Starting as a cocktail waitress, to bartender, to Marketing Director, to General Manager, I know every aspect of working at a nightclub. Now in my fourth month as an Affiliate Manager, I am finding that management is very similar, no matter how different the setting.

The two biggest things I have found key in affiliate management are relationship building and patience. I believe that relationships are important with any working relationship. Whether it is a party goer that wants to have their birthday party at my club or an affiliate that wants to start running my offers, they are both trusting me to lead them to their desired result. A great party or a great performing offer is one in the same. Without that trust there is no business. Patience doesn’t come easy for everyone, but is a must when becoming an affiliate manager.

Starting out can be frustrating; trying to revive accounts, trying to get newbies running and doing everything possible to reach out to people without being a nuisance. Funny enough, it reminds me of the frustrating aspects of the nightlife; trying to get drunken people to pay their tab, making sure that everything runs smoothly, keeping people happy and most importantly, trying to make the most money possible.


Slow & Steady Wins The Race

With little over a month left until my first half marathon and a little over a month under my belt at GetAds, I find being a new affiliate manager is similar to training for a half marathon. Neither are a sprint but, instead, more like a (half) marathon.

As I was making a training schedule for the race, I became a bit concerned. I had never ran more than five miles at a time in my life and in the second week of training I was going to have to run six followed by seven a week later! Eventually I would have to run 12 miles

Ramones T-Shirt Day

We’ve got a lot of friends at GetAds. One of them happens to be the legendary Arturo Vega. He was kind enough to send us over a box of Ramones t-shirts, so we decided to all wear them today and declare it “Ramones T-Shirt Day”. It will be celebrated by millions next year.

For the full-size image and roster, go to our Facebook Page!

New At Ad-Tech San Francisco: The Affiliate Zone

If you’ve been in the industry for awhile, you know that Affiliate Summit is the biggest show for Affiliate Marketers. Makes sense right? But the other major Digital Marketing show, Ad-Tech, is looking to reach out to Affiliates in a new way this time around.

For the first time ever, Ad-Tech will be teaming up with LinkTrust to create the Affiliate Zone. This will be a special section on the Exhibit Hall floor that is dedicated to Affiliate companies (similar to the Mobile Mix Zone they have had in the past). This should be a great addition to the Ad-Tech experience, since in the past some Affiliates have felt like there weren’t as many companies from their industry at these shows.

GetAds will be exhibiting in San Francisco as part of the Affiliate Zone, so be sure to stop by and chat with us if you are attending the show!