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A slice of the birthday pie

Roxanne, the birthday queen

Today is Roxanne’s birthday, so, in honor all of things roxy, foxy and cool….we had a pizza pie party. We sang, we clapped, we chowed. With pizzas the size of a Hummer tire- we went back to work stuffed and happy. Thanks Roxanne for being born and choosing pizza as your celebratory grub!






Dan Dye

Nicole and Mike

The UFC is coming to Denver

It seems that GetAds is a magnet for amazing people and things. The press conference for UFC 135 took place just below our office on Tuesday and it caused quite the scene. For all you UFC fans out there, Dana White, Jon Jones and Rampage are names you are well aware of. Being that it was in the same building, I couldn

We can close the fridge door now….

“Out with the hot, in with the cool.” That’s the motto around here at GetAds, as we are truly “chillin” because of our brand-spankin’ new AC unit that was installed yesterday. All it took was a super huge crane to lift our new device onto the roof. This means many good things for us here in the office, like, no more

Introducing: Rob Abeyta

We are expanding the team yet again! We just brought on Rob Abeyta to help with all the affiliates that are streaming into GetAds on a weekly basis. Here’s a little bit of info about him:

  • Rob AbeytaHometown: Lakewood, CO
  • College: University of Denver
  • Hobbies: Being the Pit Boss for my kids’ dirt bike racing
  • Favorite Movie: Coming to America
  • Favorite Band: Kottonmouth Kings
  • If you could be any super hero, who would it be and why? Hulk… Because I turn green when I get mad!