GetAds going ballistic for March Madness

GetAds wants to hear which team you think will take the NCAA Championship. Five teams have been selected to go on the poll in our sidebar.

They are:

Kansas (a personal favorite of Mike Guida)



West Virginia


Vote for your favorite on the poll in our sidebar.

If we didn’t include your team, leave it in the comments to cheer them on!

*** Update, we had to take out Kansas :(

Happy Birthday George!

GetAds had a fun time celebrating George’s Birthday in the office yesterday. Because of a Gag Order, I can not reveal his age. But it’s above 21 for sure. Here are some pictures of the festivities!

Need some helpful sites – check these out

Thanks to the latest issue of Money magazine listing some top websites to help with saving money during this upcoming tax season.

We wanted to share some of our favorites.

Great iPhone Apps:

ATM Hunter – Where is the closest atm based on where you are. You can also search for your banks closest atm. Cost: FREE – How much is that house worth? Uses GPS to calculate comps in the area and makes an estimate. Cost: FREE

Redlaster – Compares prices on item barcode you scan in. Cost: $1.99

Ixpenseit - Stores your receipts for tax purposes. (Great for those affiliate summit and adtech expenses!) Cost: $4.99 for full version

Great Sites For -

What should I be saving for retirement? Check out

Will my portfolio grow or shrink? Visit

Which reward card is best for you? Fill out the questions and find them at

Need to find a higher paying savings account? can point you in the right direction.

Looking to buy a house and want to know who just slashed their home price? is the site for you.

Should you do it yourself or hire a contractor? Compare your time versus how much it would cost to hire someone at


Adding Subid’s to your affiliate link

Here is a recap on how to add subid’s to your affiliate link and where to find your subids in the stats in the affiliate interface.

1.) Click on my offers to see the campaigns open to you.

2.) Choose the offer you want to run and click on creatives to access your affiliate links.

3.) Click on the “Link Generator” button.

4.) A separate screen will open where you can add a subid.

5.) To add more subid’s check the Additional SubId box. You’ll be able to add up to 10 subid’s per link.

6.) Double check that your subid’s come after the SID= parameter. Our system automatically appends the subids to the end of the link. So if there’s a prepop parameter, you’[ll have to move that to the end of the link.

7.) To see your subids in the stats to to “All Reports” on the top menu bar.

8.) If you have one subid appended, click on “Sub ID” report.

9.) If you have multiple subids appended, click on “Multiple Sub ID” report.

10.) Choose the order you want your subid’s to appear and generate the report.

11.) Your subid’s will appear with your tracked leads.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact your affiliate manager at any time!

Back from LeadsCon

Nicole and I took the late flight home from LeadsCon last night. It was a busy trip and we found some comfy chairs at Brookstone in the airport., which we decided to do some quality control checks on them while we waited for our flight. The

First time to LeadsCon

Laura and Nicole arrived this morning in Las Vegas for LeadsCon! And so far so good.

We’ll keep you posted to all the fun happenings and maybe share some pictures.

If you are attending – please email Laura at – we’d welcome the opportunity to meet up!