In digital marketing, lead generation is the act of combing a consumer’s interest or inquiry with the services or products of an advertiser.

How It Works

1 User sees ad
2 User clicks on ad and goes to landing page
3 User inputs required information lead form
4 Advertiser captures the users information
5 Once user submits required information, this is a payable action
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In digital marketing, an acquisition is defined as data generation, user generation, lead generation, call generation and mobile install generation or any pre-determined digital acquisition. When working with the GetAds team and proprietary platform, GetAds will meet your acquisition needs.

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Working with GetAds and the GetAds platform, GetAds will give you a way to make extra money and track earnings in real-time. The GetAds platform will pair your digital assets to branded advertisements which will be monetized with the latest performance marketing techniques.

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